Turkey Time Traditions


The weather is growing colder and the students at Livermore High School students are looking towards celebrating Thanksgiving. Students will be grateful to leave the school behind to go and visit family and eat delicious food. 

Each family is different and likewise, each way a family spends time with their family on the holidays is different as well.

Some students travel to visit family. Ahsley Belmessieri (11) is one of these students. Belmessieri always travels to her aunt’s house to celebrate with her family. While spending time together, Belmessieri and her family love to watch Marvel movies.

For some students, the holiday takes place at home. Pierce Adams (11) and Kyler Adams (11) are brothers whose family hosts the event each year. They may not like the same foods but they both enjoy playing video games with their family on holiday.

The brothers shared a humorous story they like to call “Donkey Milk.” 

“At the table,“ Pierce Adams explained, “Grandpa was talking and telling a story, then just yelled ‘donkey milk.’”

“Now every year we toast to it.” Kyler Adams added. 

Aidan Vierra (12) and his family host their Thanksgiving as well. One year, Vierra’s family laughed as “My grandpa dropped the turkey because he wouldn’t hold the turkey with the holders. There’s still a stain on the [kitchen] island because no one helped. Everyone just took out their phones!”

Vierra doesn’t mind hosting the holiday, despite the “Uncle Turkey- Down” incident. He and joked, “I don’t travel for Thanksgiving, well except into the kitchen than outside of it.” 

Some students have memories that took place one an atypical Thanksgiving. While at Lake Tahoe with her family one year, Lacey Silva (10) and her family had a scare with a “bobcat.”

“We were walking around and my family freaked out because my sister, Madi, thought she saw a bobcat,” Silva explained before adding that there was in fact, no bobcat around.

Silva looks forward to repeating her family tradition of “waking up early and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade” this year.

Each year, students look forward to eating their favorite foods and spending time with their families.  Nina Nowicki (9) looks forward to eating apple pie as she believes it is the best Thanksgiving Food. Nowicki enjoys playing poker with her family on the holiday and play again this year.

While some people may not like the food at Thanksgiving, they still love spending time with their families and trying new things. One such student is Madeline Taber-Iguain (9)

 Even though Taber-Iguain (9) doesn’t like turkey for she believes, “it’s like fake chicken,” she is excited to travel to Bakersfield for the holiday. This is something she and her family typically do not do.

Regardless of how the students at LHS celebrate, they are eager to see their family during the break.