Rex Orange County Releases his third Album,”Pony”

Alex O’Connor, also known as Rex Orange County, released his third album, Pony, on Oct 25. It consists of 10 songs and is 34 minutes long. Compared to his previous projects, this is easily his best one yet.

The main single from the album is “10/10.” It’s an upbeat song talking a bit about how he used to feel stuck on something: “No control over my emotions, One year on and I still can’t focus.” But now that he has moved on,“this time I took control.” Although this is the single from the album, it was boring from the basic tempo and wasn’t my cup of tea.

A favorite of mine is “Pluto Projector,” which was the second song released before the album. This is a good slow song that evokes emotion. The lyrics, “I hope the encore lasts forever and now there’s time for us to spend,” shows how this is a song about how he loves to spend time with his significant other. To him, “this right here still feels like a honeymoon.”

The best song off the album, “It Gets Better,” is a sound from O’Connor that we don’t usually hear, but turned out great. It has more of a tropical beat conveyed by the maracas. These lyrics, “True, 2015, you were fallin’ for me, you send through a love letter for me to read, and it’s engraved in my mind,” shows how adorable his relationship with his significant other is. 

One of the worst songs off the album was “Laser Lights.” The song was pretty bland with the simple beat and dull lyrics about being nervous. It had the same piano and trumpet sounds repeated throughout and isn’t something I’d listen to again. 

Overall, the album is great with most of the songs being about love. Unexpectedly, this album tops his others with its diverse beats and captivating sound.