The Jeffree X Shane Collab has Both Youtube and The Makeup Industry Quaking


On September 24th a teaser for the new Shane Dawson serious was released which was titled “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star”. I follow both Shane and Jeffree and Youtube and watch both of their videos frequently so to hear they were going to collab again and work on a project together piqued my interest and October 1st couldn’t come soon enough.

 Once the first episode came out I was slightly disappointed with it. For the first few minutes my attention was satiated but then for the next 20 minutes of the hour long video it was filler content of shane riding around in a golf cart with his fiance Ryland and joking about meeting with Jeffree later on but it wasn’t until 23 minutes in that Jeffree finally makes a real appearance and they then proceeded to board a private jet to go to a Morphe launch event of Jeffree’s new products. They didn’t really go into a lot of details about the makeup or merch but made fans like myself hopeful for the next episode. 

In the next episode titled “The Secrets of the Beauty World,” fans were able to get a preview of some of the colors in the future eyeshadow palette. The shades include a black matte titled “My Ride’s Here,” a red shade called “Flamin Hot” and in Jeffree’s words a  “Sickening silver”. Fans also got a look into the other products in Shane and Jeffree’s collab, including six liquid lipstick colors and wearable merch.

In the next two episodes Jeffree and Sahne go over the total amount they could make from the initial palette launch. The total they came up with was around $20 million dollars, and they talked about ordering over a million units (palettes) and how they hoped to sell out that day. I was really shocked at the guess of how much they were going to make and it really made me think that the makeup world really is everywhere and influences a lot of things.

The next episode is called “The Failure of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson”. This was about them trying to decide on the final design for the Conspiracy palette and the Mini Controversy Palette after already choosing all of the pan shades and names in the last episode. Jeffree and Shane both liked the design for the Mini Controversy pallette, but did not like any of the designs for the Conspiracy pallette. I agreed on the redesign on the bigger palette because I felt that the designs were not up to par with not only Jeffree Star Cosmetics past palettes like Blood Sugar, but also did not match the feeling of the mini palette.

In the last episode titled “The Conspiracy Collection Reveal | Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson” we finally get to see the complete designs for the collection and the final look of the Conspiracy pallette. I loved every part of this episode from watching Shane and Jeffree get ready for the collection shoot, to seeing them all see the pallette for the first time and watching Jeffree and Shane crying while watching the palettes being made.

Although the series had a mediocre start I loved the way they showed making a product from start to launch. Seeing both Shane and Jeffree put in so much time and effort to make this palette made me like them even more. I also loved the soundtrack and the song “Prom Queen” by Catie Turner really hit me emotionally. I loved the series and was so happy to see the collection launched on November 1 sold out in 30 minutes. I can’t wait to see what else Shane and Jeffree do and looked forward to being surprised by them in the future.