Block Schedules


Students are usually complaining about how classes are too long and having to stress about 2 to 5 tests in one day. But what can we do about it?

In my opinion, Livermore High School should go on a block schedule. Block schedules are when class periods are 90 to 120 minutes with two classes one day and three the next. With only having minimal classes in one day, it increases the amount of time engaging in class activities and productive learning, as well as helps teachers focus on their students more and  means less work for both teachers and students.

When classes are longer that means students will get more time to learn and cover more content. With traditional 75-minute classes, teachers take at least 15 to 20 minutes taking attendance, handing out material, and preparing the class giving students at least an hour to learn and work. Although,with longer periods, the students will be able to cover more material than given in an hour. 

Teachers will be able to focus on more students because the more students they see, the less time and attention they can give to a student. It builds a stronger relationship between the student and teachers when there is more time for them to help a student succeed in a particular course.

Fewer classes in a day also means less burdens for teachers and students. Teachers won’t have to prepare for a five-period day and grade about 100+ tests and homework, which is consuming so much time out of their day already. Students would have less homework on the day they have classes which means less stress, especially for students with extracurricular activities. 

We all want less school time, less homework and less stress. And I believe block schedules can do the job.