School Fights


Over the years, students have been getting into more fights. It is said that school fights start because of lack of respect for one another, reputation maintenance, drug and alcohol usage, and other reasons. But is fighting really the only way to solve these problems? Definitely not. Students should not choose violence as a way of controlling a situation. 

 When it comes to situations like these, students should be able to talk the problem out or talk to an adult to get the problem fixed. For example, students want to be cool and start to get into fights thinking in order to accomplish this. In reality, these actions ruin the student’s health and attendance. Students will face consequences such as detention, suspension, and even expulsion.

Fighting causes harm. It causes harm to the students activity participation and it causes harm to those who bear witness to the fight.

 Rumors and threats are easily spread. For example, if a student mentioned that another wants to fight a certain student, the news would be spread like wildfire. Not only will the victim hear about the threat but staff will also notice the threats and address them. 

However, there are ways to avoid these issues. Students can deal with a conflict by asking an adult for help or calmly talking to the person they have a disagreement with. Teachers can help these resolutions take place by providing their support for the students. Teachers could speak with both students to better understand both sides of the argument. This would allow for the conflict to be solved by allowing the students to express their thoughts in a non-violent way.

So in many ways, school violence is a bad thing in schools because of threats. But are the reasons valid? I think not. Violence is never the answer. Let’s do our best to get school running more positively with no bad vibes.