Principal Stands Firm On Tardy Sweeps

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Principal Stands Firm On Tardy Sweeps

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Since the announcement of the tardy sweeps by Helen Gladden, principal at Livermore High School, the sweeps have occurred at all times of the day and in different periods. 

For the first tardy sweep there was between 30 to 40 kids swept who were assigned detention. Gladden said, “I was hoping to not have very many kids tardy.”

The first tardy sweep was done right after lunch and before fourth period because, “There are a lot of kids who come after lunch and don’t seem to be in a big hurry to get down to class and that just means they’re going to be interrupting classes.” said Gladden.

Gladden said, “coming back from lunch is primarily seniors who go off campus for lunch.” She claimed though that it is not all seniors because, “There’s a lot of kids who [just] take time to get to class.”

All the administration and campus supervisors were walking around to make sure kids got into the student union. Gladden said, “everyone who was on site was out there.”

Gladden recognized that, “Obviously students aren’t going to like it.” She also said the administration had received no feedback from teachers.

Gladden said, “we will be running other tardy sweeps [because] it’s about learning.”

Gladden feels since then, tardy sweeps have gone down. She said, “And so hopefully if we just do these occasionally, kids will get the message that they really need to be in class.”