Meet New People On The Cross Country Team!

Livermore High School’s cross country team is passionate about the sport. Even in the smoky weather the runners showed up willing and ready to run. Cross country member Viviana Valenton stated, “Cross country is a great way to get in shape for any sport and meet new people.” Valenton enjoys spending time with her teammates because of the motivation everyone gives. 

Stuart May explained that someone should join cross country because, “It’s great exercise and the races are fun”. 

Many runners on the team stated that the team dynamic is one of the main reasons why someone should join the team. The cross country team is dedicated to their daily practices to compete at the meets.

Richard Malon stated, “Someone should join the cross country team because of the fitness and the new people that you stay close with throughout high school.” Malon also stated that one of the benefits of running is the rewarding feeling of knowing you ran well during a race.

Timothy Blanton, the undesignated designated team captain stated, “Our team is super close even though cross country is an individual sport.” Blanton also added, “Some benefits of being on the cross country team is having other people to share the suffering with.”

The members on the cross country team are extremely welcoming and encourage anyone to join their team.

Erin Nishikubo explained that someone should join cross country because, “the team is a really nice community.” Nishikubo added, “being on the team is also a good way to connect with others before school starts.”

Cross country is a fun sport that anybody can join. Running can be a grueling activity but with friends to cheer you on it makes it ten times better.