Drama Showcase

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Drama Showcase or Fall Talent Show was on Oct. 19 in the theater. This event is an opportunity for students from Livermore High School to show off their talents, mostly by singing or performing small skits. 

Maly Ghannam, a sophomore at LHS said, “I feel like it went pretty well [and] we had a lot of great people participating.” She wished that the event was advertised more because we “didn’t have as big of a turnout as we could have.” 

Dylan Sanchez, a sophomore that performed If You Were Gay from Avenue Q with Ashley Jensen, a senior, said, “we had a lot of wonderful performers who did absolutely amazing throughout the whole thing.”

Makenzie Rowe, a sophomore who did tech for showcase said, “They all did really good.” Rowe’s job was, “setting up the mics after every act and helping people get to their places before their act.” 

Rowe said there were only two other people who were on tech and though, “we functioned pretty good, it would have been good to have more people.” For tech, they needed stagecraft, lights and sound but they didn’t have enough people for sound and had to use one of the actors. 

Rowe and Ghannam both commented on the audience reacting positively to the actors. “They were fun and fresh,” said Ghannam. 

Sanchez said there was, “no nerve-wracking audition and one check-in.” The audition, according to Sanchez, was low-key and they were just asked what they were doing, which song they were singing, and who they were with.  

Sanchez said, “It is always nice to have more people presenting their talent [and] it would be nice if more people did drama showcase.”

Rowe said it is a really fun thing to do and it’s the perfect opportunity for people who want to get over stage fright because there is not that much of an audience. “If you don’t like performing, but like just helping out, do tech because it is nice to have more tech.”

Ghannam encouraged others to join next time, “It’s super fun. You might find something you’d be into and it may be a good gateway for going into theater.”