Halloween School Day?

This year’s Halloween falls on a Thursday, which is unfortunately a dreaded school day. Many students are upset. Not only do they have homework to complete Halloween day, but they have  to attend school the next day.

For many students, Halloween is a fun holiday to sit at home, binge watch scary movies, and eat candy instead of handing it out to kids who are trick or. Many students will trick-or-treat with their younger siblings or go to Halloween parties. This means staying up late and getting minimal sleep.

The next day of school after the damage is done, students will be hyped up on sugar, half asleep, or not even at school. This affects teachers schedules and the students who are trying to work. 

Having the day off after Halloween would be a wise decision because then students and teachers get a three day weekend, and more time to recover from Halloween shenanigans.

Instead of having some random day off to reach the school days off quota, this will be a useful day to have off. 

Although not everyone celebrates the holiday, having that Friday off can be a good time to be with family and friends. All students and staff would benefit.