Built Not Bought


As more and more new cars are reaching the hundred thousand dollar mark, the number of cars that are going to the pre-owned lots and the rate at which people are buying pre-owned cars is going up. As well as saving money on their cars, more and more people are modifying their cars to fit personal tastes.


People buy cars for different reasons. Some people buy them and use them as a tool, such as a fleet of trucks for a company, or a family and their SUV or minivan, and others buy cars based on an extension of their personality, take for example the Hennessey offering for the Ford family of trucks, bumping power up to eight hundred and fifty horsepower all the way up to one thousand horsepower, or Calloway’s five hundred and fifty horsepower lineup of Chevy SUVs. 


But both of those options are factory-backed options, not everyone has the money to buy them straight from the dealers. The Ford truck will run you a cool $147,000, on the cheap side. Calloway won’t quote you a price unless you already have the SUV. 


But let’s say that you are the type of person to buy a car for more than its utility uses. You are looking more into sporty cars. Still a wide range of options exist from America take the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro options, or the Dodge offerings of the Charger or Challenger. From Japan, Nissan offers the 350z and GTR, Toyota has returned to the sports car scene with the Supra, and Honda will sell you the sporty Civic Type R. Subaru will sell you the Impreza WRX and WRX STI models of their humble four-door grocery getters. And still, Japan has one more option, from Mazda, the humble Miata. European brands have too many cars to list that would fit the “sporty” title.


 All of these cars are stock cars, ones you could and would buy to enjoy as they are. Yet there is an aftermarket for all of these cars, some like the Miata, have gained a cult-like following. The aftermarket for cars has grown every year since the 1950s when the aftermarket for cars first took hold. Events like SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Battle of the Builders, are held to showcase the very best of home-built cars.


Anyone can appreciate a modified car, whether it’s changing the rims on a car for your taste, or putting a more powerful motor in the car, you make the car yours. Modification for cars aren’t just limited to the motor, it can be aesthetic simple things like changing head and tail lights all the way to more complicated projects like widebody kits. All of this helps make the car yours and is done by the owner, with little outside support. Whereas buying a fast car and not doing any to it isn’t the same feeling.


By building your own car, you give the car a part of your personality, and you gain a bond with the car that can’t be broken. So before you go buy that brand new car, consider picking up a lightly used one and making it your own.