Livermore High School’s Water Crisis


While walking through the three hundred buildings at Livermore High School, one will notice the Elkay H2O water fountain that sits in between the restrooms. One will notice that this water fountain has a very bright red light, signifying “poor filter quality.” This red light has continued to remain on since the end of the third trimester last school year, leading to some speculation.

Perhaps the wiring in the water fountain, connecting to the lights, is broken, forcing the green one signifying “good filter quality” to remain off. Maybe the water filter is simply too old to perform its task well enough.

If it is the latter, it is a bit strange that it has not yet been replaced.

There is much history at LHS and objects of great significance that document the history behind it should never be done away with. However, the water filter is not an important piece of LHS’s history and not many people would mourn its retirement. 

The cost of a filter is not too great. According to, the price for Elkay H2O fountain filter is $113.

 YouTube videos that demonstrate how to install a water filter have been made by the company that manufactures these products as well.

With the resources available, all that is left to do is take advantage of them.

By having clean water, the school will benefit. In the sunny Bay Area, where the coldest weather only calls for a light jacket, it is crucial to have potable water available for consumption considering that many days of the year have temperatures well above the 90 degree Fahrenheit mark. With the hot weather being the norm, students need to stay hydrated. What better way to promote that than with access to clean water?