Livermore’s First Pride Celebration


On Saturday, Oct. 19, Livermore Pride held Livermore’s LGBTQI+ pride celebration from 12 to 4 pm. The event featured many activities, such as Queer History Trivia and musical performances by the band, ‘The Old Fashioned” and the Oakland Gay Men’s Chorus. People of all ages, sexualities, and genders came together to participate in this event.

Amy Pannu and Tracy Kronzak, are pleased about the turnout at the event.

The co-founders of Livermore Pride, Amy Pannu, and Tracy Kronzak, are two Livermore residents that wanted to bring together members of the LGBTQI+ community.

Kronzak mentioned that they have “watched LGBTQ events shift from acts of rebellion to events of celebration,” and wanted to bring this spirit of celebration to Livermore. Kronzak and Pannu wanted to unite the community with love and acceptance.

Pannu stated that there are more plans in the works for future pride events in Livermore. “We are planning on there being monthly events, on a smaller scale than this one, of course. This will be our big annual event each year.”

According to Pannu, the idea for a pride event started small. “At first, we were thinking of maybe handing out fliers, maybe having a picnic or some other event,” but eventually their ideas amassed into one grand-scale event.

(From left to right) Jack Bubil, Gareth Hall, and Nick Graves are employees at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who attended the event.

Local businesses in Livermore and the other cities in the Bay Area attended as well. Bishops Hair, a hair salon in Pleasanton, and Pinot’s Palette, a painting studio in Livermore, are two examples of the many companies who came to the event to show their support for the LGBTQI+ community.

Employees from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory were there as well, supporting the community.

A few protesters made an appearance at the event, but were not a distraction from it.

Livermore’s mayor, John Marchand, made an appearance at the event to give a certificate to Kronzak and Pannu for their efforts in uniting the community.