Livermore High School students are submitting their scary stories and spooky poems, in the spirit of all things Halloween. If you want your frights featured, email [email protected] or [email protected]


Tyler Olcese is a fan of all things frightening. These are his most recent terrifying tales. Beneath his submissions, he has written a message to the readers.


Tyler Olcese, 11th


-Far Below the Shallows-

Grim waters know no bounds, 

their quiet beauty reach infinite depths.


“Join me,” he says in a whispered song,

but where he goes I dare not follow.


Maybe our souls shall touch again,

though his body lies far below the shallows.


-Where, Oh Where-


A light around the mountains,

creeping ever so closer

Where, Oh Where am I going?


A desolate tundra of cold wind and snow,

drifting farther and farther behind,

Where, Oh Where have I been?


A churning black tide,

ebbs and flows around the road

Where, Oh Where can I be?


A simple answer calms my mind:

In this life of lies,

this circle of catastrophe

Where everyone hurts

Yet nobody cries


-No need to sleep, for Life is a Nightmare-

Beware, dear reader, for this accursed poem….


Cages line the hallway,

their sizes big and small.

Escape them? There ain’t a way,

try to run and you’ll just fall.


Overwhelming darkness,

resides beyond your candle’s light.

But you can’t hide in the brightness,

so you journey out and face the night.


Sky, black as ink, above you,

below there lies no stable ground.

To this frightening path you must stay true,

or never again will you be found.


Trees of shadow and mist,

your wild eyes flicker through.

A lonesome figure you have missed,

is slowly creeping up to you.


Sounds of crickets chirping,

and a tantalizing pond ripples.

It’s mirrored surface shows a blade emerging,

but one swift kick and your attacker cripples.


You look into their faded hood,

and are cast into a swirling realm.

One of cruel and chaotic oceans, 

from the fog bursts a ship, an ebony master at its helm


Only it’s not his skin that’s white,

for him and his crew have none.

You swim away from the cursed ship with all your might,

but you’re trapped in this nightmare that’s never done.


Under his stony gaze, a net is thrown,

caught up in its clutches, you want to cry.

You plead and wonder where is home,

the restless spirits laugh and throw their heads up to the sky.


Red robes adorn the fearsome captain,

it’s plain to see it’s you he saunters towards.

You realize against the spectral crew you’d never win,

so you jump back to the sea before they draw their silver swords.


Lovely melodies echo through the frigid water,

cold hands drag you towards an abnormal glow.

You try to break free but their grips are stronger,

closer and closer comes the light and the current slows.


Immersed in harsh blue flames, 

the world begins to mesmerizingly swirl.

You find yourself still trapped in the game

and mirrors line the walls every which way you twirl


Figures in a demented shape,

stand waiting just behind the glass

Hard to see what form the creatures take

if you touch them, that  move will be your last


Evil tendrils slide down from the ceiling

the reflections shatter as you scream.

Transparent shards tear your skin and  you start to lose feeling


A blade stained with blood, quite a sight to see, you’re not so living proof,



“Happy Halloween everybody!!  I hope these aren’t too spooky.

If you don’t understand the “BEWARE” part in the beginning, reread the poem and pay special attention to the first LETTER of each stanza.”