Resolved-The Final Verdict in The Fireworks Incident

Gage Rohrbacker has been allowed back on campus following his involvement in the Sept. 26 incident in which fireworks were set off in the student parking lot. 

An attempt was made to reach out to the other alleged participant in the incident, Rahul Brar, but he declined to comment for this story.

In an interview before the hearing, Rohrbacker’s mother Amy Rohrbacker commented on her son’s actions saying, “He is a good kid, who makes impulsive decisions.”

According to education code 48900.b, k, 48915.b, a student who has an explosive on campus, will be suspended and then recommended for expulsion. After the meeting with the school, Gage Rohrbacker is back on campus. 

Of his actions, Gage said, “…it was a stupid thing and I didn’t mean to cause the panic I did.”

Gage also told the paper that “I didn’t realize the type of fireworks I brought; I thought it was the sparkler fountain type. Once it went off, I regretted giving them out.”