The Sinister Season Cycle Continues


I notice a pattern every year. We always grow annoyed with the current season and long for the next. During excruciatingly hot summers, we long for the cooler days of fall. We begin to wear our jeans and chunky sweaters the second the first day of fall arrives. Even when the temperature stays locked in at 90 degrees, we stubbornly sip our pumpkin spice beverages and grumble “Isn’t it supposed to be fall?”

Then the temperature will drop. We wear our warm clothes to shield ourselves from the cold, rather than feeling stylish. We become excited for a brief moment and are happy that Halloween will soon arrive, and then Thanksgiving break after.

As the seasons carry on, however, we will have consumed too much pumpkin spice and we will long for peppermint. We will grow annoyed with fall and wish for winter’s icy touch. We will start counting down the days until the holiday break. We will declare that pumpkin spice is over and done with and then will make peppermint its soothing replacement.

Winter will finally come. We will be ecstatic to spend time with family and most importantly, leave school for two weeks to celebrate. You would think this excitement and happiness would carry over throughout the entire season, but it stops as soon as the New Year’s bells ring us into a new year.

We will return to school begrudgingly. We will feel burdened by our winter coats and long for the sweet scent of spring. Our love for winter will be crushed and we will wish for spring to arrive faster.

The clouds will fade and the sky will clear. The bees will buzz and the flowers will grow. We will wear our floral gear and prepare to seize the sunshine.

However, we will look toward summer break longingly. We will eventually become aggravated by our spring allergies. 

Then the cycle repeats.

Over and over, time and time again, we grow annoyed with seasons before they are over. Every year, we complain about the weather and how we wish time would move faster and onto the next season.

We need to understand that we always want what we do not have. We will wish for hot weather when our noses are cold and our breath is fog in the air. We will wish for cold weather when our shirts are stuck to the sweat on our backs. 

The years will never change. It seems to me that we simply want what we can not have.

I believe every season is wonderful in its own way. However, I wish we appreciated them more during their time to shine in the year. It is only October and already I have heard my neighbors play Mariah Carey’s -“All I Want For Christmas Is You” one too many times. Glancing up and down the streets, I can see already see lights decorating roofs. I think that at this rate we will begin to grow tired with winter before it even begins and this sinister season cycle will continue once more.