Livermore High’s Jeff Halbe Shares His Inspiration For Teaching

Jeff Halbe is one of the English teachers at Livermore High school. Halbe has been teaching English for eight years at LHS and said he enjoys seeing students improve on their writing.

Halbe went to Temple City High School in Southern California. He then continued his education by attending Cal Poly Pomona and Azusa Pacific University.

Halbe’s biggest reason for pursuing being an English teacher was simply, “I like reading and writing.”

Halbe’s favorite thing about teaching the English subject is working with his students. 

Some facts that Halbe shared were that he worked as an ocean lifeguard for twenty years in Southern California, lived in Brazil for two years, and is just a “fun guy”.

An important message Halbe would like to share with the students at LHS is, “You can have a good time in the classroom and still learn.”