A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words: Teacher Shares Love of Visual Storytelling with LHS

Matthew Moser is the photography teacher at Livermore High School. Moser has been teaching photo at LHS for fifteen years and loves sharing his knowledge of the arts with students. 

Moser grew up in Salinas, Monterey and went to York School. When he graduated high school, Moser hitchhiked around Europe. He then received his undergraduate from UC Davis and went on to earn his teaching credential from San Francisco State, followed by his master’s degree from SF Art Institute.

Moser stated that his favorite thing about teaching is, “getting to work with students and share the one thing in my life that I’m passionate about.” 

The reason Moser was intrigued by photography was, “the ability to create a narrative to position a story, a photo can be arranged so that it leaves an open narrative about the subject.”

One of the reasons Moser loves photography is because of the creative process, being able to come up with an idea and executing it. 

Out of film and digital photography, Moser prefers film. “Digital is too quick, there’s not as much effort.” Being able to slow down the process and think about what you’re making is what makes film photos unique. 

A message Moser would like to share with students is, “It’s okay to not have everything figured out, keep working towards something.”