Fireworks Set off in Student Parking Lot

Fireworks were set off in the student parking lot by a student at Livermore High School towards the end of the lunch period Thursday, Sept. 27. 

As can be seen in footage of the incident obtained from witnesses, multiple types of fireworks were set off, including a single bottle rocket and a series of smaller rockets. 

The fireworks were allegedly brought to school by Gage Rohrbacker (grade 12). Several students who saw the fireworks set off have confirmed that Rohrbacker only brought the fireworks to school and that they were then allegedly set off by Rahul Brar (grade 12). 

Witnesses close to Rohrbacker and Brar report that both students were sent home on five-day suspensions and may be facing expulsion.

The incident occurred just after the year’s first lockdown drill was conducted during 3rd period.

The fireworks immediately caught the attention of both students and teachers alike as the sounds of the fireworks drew several teachers and other school staff out of classrooms to investigate. 

When vice-principal Roxana Mohammed was asked to comment on the incident, she said that  administration can’t comment on pending student discipline but she did say “You have to be mindful of the jokes you may think are funny.”