An Update on the Schools Gym Construction

HED Architects

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As you might have already heard, the school’s gym is being completely demolished and redone. Construction has already begun next to the student parking lot for the new gym. The plan is for it to be completed by 2021 to 2022 if construction stays on schedule.

The main floor plan so far is to have a two-story gymnasium which will be 49,000 square feet with many new additions that will end up being three times bigger than the current gym. The two-story gym will have a main court downstairs with all green bleachers with a wood base, physical education classrooms, locker rooms, a concession area and a dance studio. Upstairs will have a small gym with one court along with new bleachers and a wrestling room. Progress on building the gym will be continued in January.

HED Architects
The layout of the new gymnasiums main court located on the first floor.

When asked what the foyer at the entrance of the new gym will showcase, Gabriel Castro, the digital photo teacher, said,“In the foyer when you walk in, the talk is to put maybe some historical photos for Livermore High and athletics and they’re repurposing the gym floor for maybe some of the decor in there.” The main bronco logo will also be featured around the gymnasium.

The new pool, which is 38 meters by 25 yards, will replace where the big gym currently is. As for what will replace the pool, now, it will become a usable space and eventually it will become an area with new classrooms which should be done in about five to six years. 

Now that the dirt foundation has been leveled and laid, the next step is to set up utilities, then plumbing. After that, the actual floor of the gym will be put down along with the framing. The plans have been approved by the school board but are now waiting to be accepted at the Division of the State Architect’s office. 

As for parking, vice principal, Brett Christopher said, “Once full construction starts on the gym, the student parking lot where it is now, will be closed for two years so we had to create more parking.” So, they now have added the A lot at the north end of the football field and the B lot which is on school street for parking. These lots were built over the summer. Currently, Livermore High is waiting for approval to build an interim lot in the back of campus near the greenhouse and junior varsity baseball field that will be available until the new gym is completely built. This lot should be finished in December.

This is all being paid for through a tax bond that was passed four years ago from residents in Livermore. This tax bond, Measure J, is a $245 million facilities bond that will help improve schools facilities.

As for now, when asked about if the plans are completed, James Petersdorf, the Athletic Director, mentioned, “They’re probably 99 percent done. There’s always going to be tweaks as the construction goes, based on money.” This idea for the new gym has been in the mix for 15 years by many people, including both students and staff and now is in progress of being finally completed in two years.