It Chapter Two Amuses As Well As Terrifies Audiences


         Since the release of the chilling novel in 1986, then the first movie adaptation in 1990, people worldwide have all praised as well as feared the creepy clown named Pennywise in IT. I believe that the new movie is scary, but not as scary as its predecessor. The new film relied more on the inner turmoil of the characters than the terrifying creatures plaguing The Losers’ Club in the first movie.

The first movie starts off with character Georgie Denbrough playing outside with a paper boat made by his older brother Bill which is then washed down a storm drain. Peering into the drain to see if he can find his boat he stumbles upon “Pennywise The Dancing Clown”. Pennywise tries to get Georgie to come into the sewer by offering him a balloon, but Georgie declines and starts to leave when Pennywise then offers him his boat. When Georgie reaches to grab it, Pennywise bites his arm off and drags him down into the drain. 

The first movie has many scary scenes like this which caused expectations for the second film to be set high.

Georgie’s brother Bill and his friends all band together to try and find Georgie believing he still might be alive but are continuously terrorized by Pennywise who continues to kill more and more children. Eventually, they all have to work together to save one friends Beverly Marsh from It and save the town. They all make a promise to come back in 27 years if It terrorizes again, and that’s where the first film ends. 

It Chapter Two is set in the year 2016, 27 years after the first film, where the story follows the members of the Losers Club, yet still traumatized from the events that unfolded during their childhood, reuniting in order to defeat the creature they call It who has returned to terrorize and murder the people in the town of Derry, Maine.

I felt that the beginning of the movie was interesting due to how Pennywise first appears and that It’s introduction led me to be more invested in what was to come.

The movie has many emotional twists and turns and is just as comedic, if not more than the first movie. While being humorous, the film still retained its horrific vivid imagery and disturbing psychological aspects.  

I loved how the actors portrayed the characters’ personalities, like how they were in the first movie, as well as gave them the grown-up responsibilities and fears all adults have.

I liked the movie It Chapter Two, although I felt like they stuffed too much into it and the monsters in the movie didn’t necessarily correlate to each of the character’s fears as they did in the first movie. The monsters felt like they were very generic in trying to be scary and were more gross in a humorous way than scary.

The movie relied heavily on the comedic and psychological aspects rather than the horror aspect, which made me disappointed but I didn’t dislike the film. I loved how even though they grew up the characters still remembered and honored their promise they made as kids and stuck together.